The San Diego Low Speed Wind Tunnel cycling measurment expertise was used to evaluate some of our View-Speed products.  Kraig Willett, below in green shirt, owner of Bike Tech Review  directed the tests.

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Setting up bicycle and equipment for a run.

View-Speed Inc. photo of Kraig in green shirt - Neal in red jersey - Brian with strap across back and LSWT personnel.

Note that the modified Never Reach bottle is not our product and was tested for information.  (tested neutral – runs with and without bottle showed no appreciable aero drag change when modified and mounted as show below)

View-Speed Inc. photo of run 104 in SD LSWT.

View-Speed Inc. photo of readouts at SD LSWT run at 20 mph.

View-Speed Inc. photo from SD LSWT showing method of using grease pencil on viewing screen to insure that position is maintained throughout run.  This is a different test run after the View-Speed Inc. tests.  The picture shows the position from the previous View-Speed rider superimposed over another rider at the start of his run.